Rapid Reponse Report

The Rapid Response Report is written to address current social, theological, and political issues that impact the Christian Church. The primary focus of RRR is to critique the Postmodern World View and analyze its influence on our culture. Pastors, educators, and key lay individuals have found the Report to be highly useful in their sermon preparation, teaching, and research. Many Christians have found it to be an excellent resource for developing their Biblical world view.

The Report offers insight for those who hold a historic Christian world view by informing the reader of contemporary cultural movements that attempt to impact the faith. The Report also offers its readers a clear Christian apologetic (or defense) to postmodern man.

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The following comments reflect our reader’s thoughts regarding the Report:

“Thanks for the Report. Great stuff!”
Peter Jones, Author

“Thanks again for your research and insights. They are a fresh drink of water for me. The Report is a great help to me.”
Dr. Leonard Hale, Pastor

“Thanks for the reports and the good work you are doing. It’s a fascinating topic, and I am doing some research on this myself.”
Paul Copan, Author

“Great hearing from you! Yes by all means I want to stay current with your fine work. The current issue is excellent. God be with you.”
Lambert Dolphin, ldolphin.org

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Rapid Response Report
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