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Bill Crouse is a seasoned explorer of Mount Ararat. He has led several teams in search for the Ark and is considered to be one of the world’s foremost scholars in Ark studies. He has contributed numerous articles to the field of Ark research. Bill has been published in Acts and Facts, Archeology and Biblical Research, and Technical Journal among other noted publications that offer information regarding the Ark and related topics. His most recent contribution to Ark studies was the writing of several chapters in The Explorers of Ararat, edited by B. J. Corbin and Rex Geissler.

Bill is also the past editor of The Ararat Report, a newsletter that offers the latest research in the field. He has done extensive research on Phantom Arks and their supposed authenticity. Bill has been sought out by other scholars in the field to lend understanding regarding Ark sightings. His expertise is highly regarded by those who make up the core of scholarly research.

Phantom Arks on Ararat

Samples of the Ararat Report


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