Christian Information Ministries and its staff offer the following web sites as being particularly helpful in their research. Hopefully, you will also find them useful for your study. Many of these sites represent ministries similar to our own. However, our recommendation does not necessarily mean that we fully agree with all the content presented within a given web site.

Access Research Network

American Scientific Affiliation

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

Answers in Action (Bob Passintino)


Apologetics Research Resources

Associates For Biblical Research

Biblical Studies Foundation

Breakpoint (Chuck Colson)

Christian Research Institute

Discovery Institute

Faith Defenders (Robert Morey)

Institute for Christian Leadership

Lambert Dolphin

Noah’s Ark Search

Personal Freedom Outreach

Probe Ministries

Ron Rhodes

Saints Alive in Jesus (Ed Decker)

Utah Lighthouse Ministry (Sandra Tanner)

Virtual Seminary

Watchman Fellowship, Inc.


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