Bill Crouse

Bill serves as the President of Christian Information Ministries. Bill served as Senior Scholar with Probe Ministries of Richardson, Texas for ten years prior to establishing C. I. M.

Bill has been listed in Who’s Who in Religion, and Who’s Who in Education. As an educator, he has spoken at over thirty colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Bill has been published in World Magazine, Acts and Facts, Archeology and Biblical Research, Moody Monthly, Reformation & Revival, Technical Journal, and several other publications and newsletters. He is the founder and past editor of The Ararat Report, a newsletter offering the Christian community an insight into the search for Noah’s Ark. Currently, he is editing a growing E-zine entitled: Rapid Response Report, which has the byline: Defending the Historic Faith in a Postmodern World.

Bill has led several teams in search for the Ark and is considered to be one of the world’s foremost scholars in Ark studies. Recently, he contributed several chapters to the book: The Explorers of Ararat, edited by B. J. Corbin and Rex Geissler.

Bill holds degrees in psychology from Goshen College, theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, with advanced work in philosophy and history at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Bill resides in Richardson, Texas with his wife Susan. They are the parents of five children. He is a confirmed baseball nut.

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