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What is the New Age: What Difference Does it Make

Author: Russ Wise
Date: 6/11/2003 2:36:36 PM

The New Age Movement has become an umbrella term for the rise of the occult in our day. Within occult circles the Movement is perhaps better known as the Aquarian Age, the Human Potential Movement, the Third Force, the Holistic Health Movement, or simply Cosmic Humanism.


Definition: The New Age is loosely defined as a transformative process between the age just past and the age that is to come; the age to come is commonly known as the Aquarian Age. Astrologically, the current age of Pisces will phase out of existence and the dawning of the New Age of Aquarius will take its place as we reach the year 2000.


1. The idea that man is the basis of all understanding and is ultimately accountable only to

            himself has become a bankrupt way of viewing man.

A. Man as "the measure of all things" has recently been devalued because humanity as a whole is rapidly recognizing its spiritual nature. 

            B. The foundation for the ills of our society have been recognized as being a

                        part of the teachings of Secular Humanism.


2. The failure of Secular Humanism opens the door to a New Age.

            A. Our society is primed for a movement that will still affirm humanity as the  

                        measure of all things and yet revitalize its spiritual yearnings.

B. Humanistic evolution opens the door into the New Age by encouraging evolutionary thought. Once physical evolution is acceptable to the individual it is but a short leap in faith to accept the idea that mankind has likewise evolved mentally and spiritually.

            C. Transformation has become a key buzz word among proponents of a

                        New Age. It represents the shift in thinking from a humanist

                        perspective to one that is more universal.


3. Salvation is seen as cosmic enlightenment rather than as a personal relationship with the living


A. It is the unfolding of one's consciousness to the point where the true self, the divine nature, is realized.

            B. It is the gaining of enlightenment.

            C. It is the absorption of the one into the all.


4. The New Age has infiltrated the Christian church in a number of ways.

A. The liberal nature of many churches opens the door for experimentation with less than orthodox teaching.

            B. New Age proponents use several entry points into the church:

1). A Course in Miracles represents one of the entry points

                        that claims divine authority. It is believed to be given

            by Jesus himself. 

2). The Spiritual Journey and other similar courses  are

            offered as new avenues of spiritual enlightenment.

                        3). Witchcraft and Goddess worship are making their way

                                    into the church through a fundamental change in the    

                                    way people view God.


5. Lucifer is seen as an encouraging elder brother who points us toward self understanding and


A.  A New Age understanding of "The Christ" is important for us to grasp if we are to remain faithful to The Christ of the Bible. 

            B.  In the New Age world view there is no satan. David Spangler, a new age

                        philosopher and author, in his book Reflections on the Christ states

                        that if there is a satan you are your own satan. Lucifer is seen as a

                        true angel of light.


6. The Bible offers a clear understanding of how the New Age philosophy does not agree with   

            Biblical teaching.

            A. Genesis 3 indicates that man will be deceived by three lies of Satan.

            B. Matthew 24:20 and following indicates that the Christian, the very elect of God,

                        can be deceived by the signs and wonders accompanying the New Age


            C. It is absolutely imperative that we as Christians rightly use the Word of God and

                        that we grow in our ability to discern its truth for a confused world.


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