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The Truth of Postmodernism

Author: Russ Wise
Date: 6/9/2003 3:39:07 PM

The Truth of Postmodernism



“If truth is relative, it’s impossible to lie.”

                                                Gene Edward Veith


The making of a postmodernist


Truth is a construct


Truth is relative rather than fixed or absolute.

One can never know something without question.

Truth is subjective rather than objective.

What is true for one person may not be true for another.

Individuals and cultures construct truths that work for them.

Truth is not discovered but constructed.

Since truth is constructed and relative – one truth is as valid as another.

Truth can be revised without contradiction.

In postmodernism – “spin” is everything. Truth is not absolutely knowable.


Truth is a matter of interpretation


All perceived truths are open to re-interpretation.

Truth is not only to be re-interpreted - it is to be deconstructed.

(How does one define ‘is’?)

Interpretations are to be based on current social constructs.

Telling a witness to be evasive is not the same as telling them to tell a lie.


Truth is an exercise of power


Those in charge impose their constructs (Truth) on others.

Historical constructs by European white males who are heterosexual (read Western civilization) must be re-interpreted and deconstructed.

Thus, postmodernists desire to introduce new constructs founded on new interpretations:

            *The feminist (gender-bending).

            *The homosexual and lesbian culture.

            *Minorities (racial).

            *Those who have been marginalized.


Truth is compartmentalized


We are different people at our core and thus we exhibit different identities in varying situations.

We compartmentalize our identity as parent, child, our sexual proclivity, job demands, or political beliefs and keep them in different compartments and not allow them to influence the others.

Ultimately, we compartmentalize truth as it relates to our varying identities.

We also interpret or re-interpret truth as it relates to each identity.

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